1967 Volkswagen Beetle

YEAR: 1967 MAKE: Volkswagen MODEL: Beetle PRICE: SOLD COLOUR: Tan MILEAGE: 150298 STOCK NUMBER: 900490 ENGINE: Flat 4-Cylinder TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Manual


Year: 1967

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Beetle

Price: Sold

VIN: 117691620

Stock Number: 900490

Colour: Tan

Mileage: 93,391 Miles

Engine: Flat 4 cylinder

Displacement: 1493 CC

Power Rating: 54 hp/89 ft/lbs torque @ 3500 rpm

Transmission: 4-Speed manual

Weight: 1,800 lbs

Wheelbase: 240 cm

Total Length: 407 cm

Top Speed: 131 km/h

For a car that had a rather odious beginning as a people’s car commissioned by Adolf Hitler, the Beetle came to be loved by multiple generations of basic transportation seekers on every continent with the possible exception of Antarctica. Originally promised to Germans who saved the requisite amount of Reichsmarks, it wasn’t until after the war that a Beetle was delivered to a private customer.

Beetles of the 1950s and 1960s were marked by evolutionary rather than wholesale changes. A minor increase in horsepower and displacement and several different rear window designs (a small split window, a small oval window and a larger window) was about it through 1967. The 1960 “Think Small” advertising campaign is still studied in marketing classes around the world. Throughout most of its life in the U.S., the Beetle was offered in sedan and cabriolet body styles. Pre-1968 Beetles were inexpensive but never cheap. They were well-assembled, used first-rate interior materials and have a charm that’s lacking in later cars. Just about every part for a Beetle is readily available and most are quite inexpensive.

This 1967 model marks a stylistic turning point in the evolution of Beetle design. It is the last year of the complex bumpers used since the 1950’s, but is the first year of the non-enclosed sealed beam headlights used until the end of Beetle production.

Purchased by Coachwerks Restoration in May of 2019, the vehicle received new drum brake shoes, wheel cylinders and a brake fluid flush to ensure it is in proper working condition. This is a crucial vehicle in the history of the automobile and is sure to provide a comfortable and timeless driving experience at a reasonable price.

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