1954 Porsche 356 1500 Pre-A

YEAR: 1954 MAKE: Porsche MODEL: 356 1500 Pre A PRICE: $435,000.00 CDN COLOUR: Silver Metallic On Green Leather Interior MILEAGE: 53,128 miles STOCK NUMBER: 900540 ENGINE: Flat 4 Cylinder TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Manual


Year: 1954

Make: Porsche

Model: 356 1500 Pre-A

Price: $435,000.00 CAD

VIN: 51985

Stock Number: 900540

Colour: Silver metallic on green leather interior

Note: Numbers matching example

Engine: Flat 4 cylinder

Displacement: 1,500 CC

Power Rating: 60 hp/52 ft/lbs torque @ 4400 rpm

Transmission: 4-Speed manual

Weight: 770 kg

Wheelbase: 210 cm

Total Length: 385 cm

Top Speed: 156 km/h

The 356 model set the stage for all Porsches to come. It was light and nimble. It was low and sleek, and quickly racers learned the little German autos were a fast track to the top of the podium. But before the up-and-comers were imported to the U.S., there was a period of development that gave them some separation from its Volkswagen lineage and started their new identity that was purely Porsche.

This learning period for Porsche’s first production model, the 356, became known as the Pre-A. During the Pre-A years, the 356 would see the replacement of the two-piece windshield with a V-shaped windshield and a much improved synchromesh transmission. Power was also upgraded with the expansion of the 1100cc and 1300cc engines to the 1500cc power plant, boosting power to 60 HP. Importation of the new cars, by the now famous Max Hoffman, began in earnest in 1954 making the Pre-A examples exceedingly rare in the United States. Engineering innovations continued during the years of manufacture contributing to its motorsports success and popularity. Production for the 356 started in 1948 and continued until the models end in 1965. Of the 76,000 originally produced by the factory during its model years, approximately only half survive to this day.

This original number matching example was sold new in Los Angeles, California where it remained under single ownership from 1954 to 1999. In 2005 Coachwerks Restoration preformed a concours level restoration which saw the vehicle changed back to its original colours of silver metallic on green leather interior. Since the restoration the vehicle has received routine maintenance to ensure the vehicle is in good driving condition. The car comes with the original owner’s manual and tool set, Porsche Kardex documentation and fitted luggage by Tarys Charison. This is the ultimate 356 Pre-A example on the market and has the documentation and restoration quality to back it up.

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