Our Legacy

Our deep roots in automotive restoration are what give us the skills, knowledge and expertise that place Coachwerks at the top of the industry.

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A New Era Of Restoration

A New Era

The GAIN Group has brought together two visionary auto restoration houses.

Rudi Koniczek of Rudi & Co – the 300SL guru and industry legend – along with Michael Grams of renowned Coachwerks Automotive Restoration have, over decades, assembled a hand-picked, exceptional team of automotive restoration artisans.

Collaborating for over 20 years as independent companies, they are now united under The GAIN Group banner. Coachwerks Restoration is now poised to bring the world of car restoration to an exciting new level. The two teams are intact in a new state of the art facility and are able to perform at an even higher level, delivering the highest quality in the industry today.

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Deep Roots

Decades Of Restoration Excellence

Rudi & Company and Coachwerks are responsible for the nut and bolt restorations of over 100 Mercedes-Benz 300SLs as well as numerous other significant European and North American masterpieces. The depth of knowledge these two teams represent in the restoration world equate to decades of uncountable hours in restoration experience of pre and post-war European sports cars. Coachwerks specializes in Mercedes-Benz 300SL and Porsche but features an extensive portfolio that include marquee brands such as Packard, Talbot Lagot, Lagonda, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bugatti, Avions Voisin, Austin-Healey, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo to name a few.

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“I Look At These Cars
Not Just As Cars But
As Pieces Of Art.

Rolling Sculpture,
Kinetic Art.”

Rudi Koniczek
Quality Craftsmanship

Building Our Future

An elite group of some of the world’s finest technicians and restoration specialists with full access to the highest levels of training, equipment and parts means each and every restoration becomes its own work of automotive art increasing in value while exponentially increasing the pleasure and pride of ownership.

The best of the best is now even better.

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“The Cars that We
Restore Have A
soul, They’re
Made By Passion. ”
Rudi Koniczek
Meet Our Artisans

Our Craftsmen

Passion for the art of automotive restoration is what fuels and guides our highly qualified team in everything they do. Their drive for perfection first and foremost is how Coachwerks as remained prolific and relevant in the industry decade after decade. No other hands are better qualified to take care of your automobile.

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