Maintenance & Repairs

Classic Maintenance
& Repairs

Keeping up to date on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule not only ensures you save on larger repairs in the future but also allows you to stay on the road longer and with peace of mind. This is true for not only your everyday vehicle but also for your classic automobile. Instead of paying for costly repairs and replacements, smaller cost-efficient adjustments extend the life of each component of your vehicle.

Our team is well-versed in the original maintenance requirements of every classic car, with over 200 years of combined experience and expertise that allows us to make your classic car last. From annual maintenance or the preparation for the driving or event season, to alignments, authentic tire service, and of course tuning your classic to run on peak, we are the largest vintage European sports car service department on the West Coast.


Engine Building & Driveline Overhauls

Coachwerks utilizes a wide range of specialized factory tools and reference materials that you won’t find anywhere else. We have built relationships with machine shops and suppliers to locate parts for the repair and rebuild of classic engines, transmissions, or other mechanical components to original specifications. Our Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Classic-trained team understands European engines and their components better than anyone else. Whenever possible, we use OEM or OEM original supplier parts, and all assembly is completed in our dedicated engine building room, free from any debris or contaminants.



Coachwerks prides itself on its tuning capabilities with a heavy focus on mechanical fuel injection and carburetion. Something considered a lost art in today’s advanced and digitized world. We have years of experience and training along with the same genuine tools that the factory used to tune classic cars years ago. In a world of stricter and stricter emission controls, we assure your classic runs as efficiently and responsibly as possible.