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Our Craftsmanship

The art of automotive restoration is, in every way, a craft that takes passion tradition and age old technique. Discover what our team of artisans is capable of.

Discover The Craft Of Restoration


Schooled in age old techniques and craftsmanship we are committed to the preservation of this respected art form. We deliver not only a beautifully finished automobile but an invitation to the journey of the accurate restoration of the vehicle.

The distinction and quality of our restorations consistently win 1st place awards at concours automobile shows and fetch higher than industry standard prices at world-renowned automobile auction houses.

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From Passion To Precision

We are driven by perfection and precision. We take a classic automobile in any state of decline or disrepair and restore it — every part, every curve and every stitch — to its original, magical splendor. We take great pride in every detail of the beautiful marques we restore whether the end result is for play or purely for investment.

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“Quality is never an
accident; it is always
the result of high
intention, sincere
effort, intelligent
direction and skillful
William A. Foster
Genuine Classic Vehicle Parts

Genuine Parts

The parts that go into your classic vehicle are as important as the precision that goes into its restoration. Whether you are looking for the original components that make up the historical character of your classic or you are in need of compatible high-quality parts, Coachwerks continuously ensures to restore your work of art in a way that preserves its unique characteristics.

Our extensive database and collaboration with global experts allows us to source the highest quality of parts and ensure their compatibility with your automotive masterpiece.

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“Something truly
timeless ... this
is the ultimate
Dr. Ferry Porsche

Age Old

With our own in-house custom upholstery department we have absolute control over every facet of the interior restoration. Our skilled artisans research the historical accuracy of the original interior and then choose from thousands of leather, cloth and vinyl samples. Hand crafted bespoke interiors including fitted luggage when requested.

Historically classic cars began as a sheet of flat steel or aluminium that was then hand formed into the masterpieces we enjoy today. Our craftsmen compliment their skills of bygone years with the 21st century technologies and equipment of today.

With decades of combined experience our technicians at Coachwerks provide the complete spectrum of service in our modern fully equipped mechanical bays. From entire motor and drive line restorations to preventative maintenance we can ensure the integrity and preservation of your classic car.

Every aspect of a restoration is important but a quality paint finish is critical. Our dedicated and skilled craftsmen are highly trained in all aspects of automotive refinishing. Our state-of-the-art, in-house custom paint facility with downdraft paint booths and prep stations provide us with a quality controlled environment so we can deliver the best product possible in the industry today.

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