1970 Porsche 911E Targa

YEAR: 1970 MAKE: Porsche MODEL: 911E PRICE: $135,000.00 CAD COLOUR: Red MILEAGE: 41,089 STOCK NUMBER: 900400 ENGINE: Flat 6-Cylinder TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed Manual


Year: 1970

Make: Porsche

Model: 911E Targa

Mileage: 41,089 km

Price: $135,000 CAD

VIN: 9110210127

Stock Number: 900400

Engine: Flat 6-cylinder

Displacement: 2.2 litres

Power Rating: 155 hp @ 6,200 rpm

Transmission: 5-Speed manual

Weight: 2,248 lbs

Wheelbase: 226.8 cm

Total Length: 416.3cm

The late 60’s ushered in the first major changes to the iconic Porsche 911. Retaining the unique and successful rear engine layout as well as the same basic styling, the majority of the changes to the 911 were internal. Dimensionally, the rear track and wheelbase grew, while the overall length stayed the same as the earlier cars. Mechanical fuel injection debuted this year as well as in top-of-the-line 911S and the new 911E. The 911E received its name from Einspritzung, the German term for injection.  It was introduced as a mid-range model that provided some of the luxury and sporty features of the 911S, while reducing some of the edginess of the high-strung 911S powerplant. Slotted between the base-model 911T and the 911S, the E, which replaced the 911L “Luxus,” featured improvements including a leather wrapped steering wheel, velour carpeting, vented brake discs, and golden script on the rear deck.

Porsche lengthened the 911’s wheelbase by 57 mm to 2,268 mm, resulting in improved handling and more interior space. It also enlarged the rather peaky original 2.0-liter, single overhead-cam engine to 2.2 liters by increasing the cylinder bore to 84 mm, which was the first in a series of regular 200-cc displacement increases. There were also larger intake and exhaust valves, and a larger 225-mm clutch package was also added to handle the increased horsepower and torque.  For many enthusiasts, the 911E is the happy medium that provides the greatest driving pleasure of the 911T/911E/911S trio. The foldable Targa top provides a significant degree of open-air motoring with the safety and comfort of a coupe in inclement weather.

Purchased by Coachwerks, the vehicle received a comprehensive inspection to ensure it is in proper working condition and any work required was addressed at this time. This raw 911 example is a proper enthusiast’s car that provides a unique and pure driving experience specific to this vehicle only.

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